May 29, 2024

XMAQUINA Secures Pre-Seed Investment from Moonrock Capital and EoT Ventures

With the successful conclusion of its pre-seed round, XMAQUINA, backed by funds from Moonrock Capital and EoT Ventures, marks another important milestone on its path. The support brings it one step closer to its mission of defusing one of the 21st century’s biggest crises by enabling people to earn from machines that encroach on job security.

EoT Ventures, the investment arm of peaq network, and Moonrock Capital are instrumental in propelling XMAQUINA’s growth and accelerating the protocol aiming to grant the global Web3 community access to APY-generating robots. These investments highlight the potential of XMAQUINA as a leading robotics protocol in the Web3 space.

Why This Matters

This funding will enable XMAQUINA to scale on all fronts and accelerate the development and adoption of autonomous robotics and tokenization technologies. With the support of Moonrock Capital and EoT Ventures:

  • XMAQUINA will work towards deploying the first autonomous machines to demonstrate the immense potential of its business model and technology.
  • XMAQUINA will launch a cutting-edge robotics marketplace, complete with an intuitive dashboard for machine operators to effortlessly manage their offerings and machines. Investors will enjoy a dynamic, user-friendly interface to monitor their tokenized machine assets and access performance insights in an engaging and transparent manner.
  • XMAQUINA will scale the team to support its growing operations and ensure continued innovation.
  • XMAQUINA will enhance the tokenization suite by adding new features to make it more robust and user-friendly.
  • XMAQUINA will continue to forge key partnerships to strengthen its ecosystem and drive further innovation. These partnerships will bring additional expertise, resources, and opportunities, enabling XMAQUINA to remain at the forefront of the industry.

“XMAQUINA is on a mission to make automation beneficial for everyone,” says Mauricio Zolliker, co-founder and CEO of XMAQUINA. “With the backing of EoT Ventures and Moonrock Capital, we can accelerate our efforts to democratize the machine economy and expand our market reach in the Web3 space.”

“Spurred by AI, automation will transform entire industries and markets, but if it stays on Web2 rails, millions will pay for this transformation by losing means to put food on the table,” says Till Wendler, Founding Partner at EoT Ventures. “XMAQUINA’s vision of making the boons of automation accessible to anyone is closely aligned with our own. We are excited to see it move ahead with its autonomous robot tokenization platform, putting Web3 at the core of real-world business opportunities and processes.”

“XMAQUINA offers a unique approach to the new age of automation, enabling anyone to become a stakeholder in the process that is remaking the world day by day,” says Simon Dedic, CEO & Founding Partner at Moonrock Capital. “It’s the first project to combine autonomous robotics with tokenization, and with the backing of Moonrock Capital, XMAQUINA is about to put automation on a whole new trajectory. We are eager to be part of its journey to powering a more decentralized and equitable tomorrow.”

Real-World Applications

XMAQUINA also recently powered a successful live demo of an autonomous robot-café leveraging peaq, the layer-1 blockchain for DePIN and Machine RWAs, at Token2049 in Dubai. This live demo demonstrated XMAQUINA’s real-world capacity to tokenize autonomous, value-generating robots, providing passive income opportunities in the age of AI-powered automation. With over 550 platform registrations, attendees could earn from the first APY-generating robot through every coffee sold.

You can read all the details on CoinTelegraphs featureWelcome to the future where on-chain robots serve coffee and crypto rewards”.