April 23, 2024


What is peaq?

peaq is an interoperable layer-one blockchain designed specifically for DePIN and Machine Real-World Assets (RWAs). This fast, low-cost, and highly decentralized chain offers flexibility and ease of use for developers through its  peaq SDK. peaq's Modular DePIN Functions equips builders with essential capabilities like self-sovereign machine IDs, role-based access control, data verification, and swift machine payment processing.

peaq's multi-chain machine IDs enable smooth interactions with major blockchains such as Ethereum, Cosmos, Solana, Binance, Polkadot, and facilitates bridging to over 30 other blockchains via Wormhole. The peaq network is home to more than 28 machine dApps and supports over 250,000 devices, vehicles, and machine RWAs that operate on them.

Why BUIDL on peaq?

If you are still not convinced, let us explain why we see peaq as the ideal layer-one blockchain on which to build our DePIN.

peaq’s laser focus and specialization in DePIN and machine DeFi attract builders who continuously improve and develop its open-source infrastructure. This allows us to leverage existing technology and gives us more time to focus on running and scaling our business without the need to develop the entire infrastructure and functionalities from scratch. This advantage is crucial for the growth and operational efficiency of XMAQUINA and ensures we always have access to the latest technology for machines.

Building on peaq empowers us to actively contribute to the expanding machine DeFi suite, helping establish a scalable, transparent, and decentralized Economy of Things (EoT). By leveraging both the Modular DePIN Functions and the composability that peaq offers, XMAQUINA can work collaboratively with other DePINs to create a machine economy that works for everyone. In other words, we're in full alignment with peaqs vision of democratizing abundance in the age of automation.

Read what peaq had to say about XMAQUINA joining its growing ecosystem and catch the highlights from the live demo at Token2049 here.