June 13, 2024

XMAQUINA's Robo-Cafes to Serve Traceable Coffee Through Partnership with Farmsent

Relax and drink coffee!

Through XMAQUINA's partnership with Farmsent, a decentralized farmers’ network, our Robo-Cafes will now be serving the highest quality, traceable coffee. Each cup you enjoy is backed by a transparent journey from farm to table, making this partnership the first Web3-powered B2B commodity deal. Additionally, the two projects are exploring a wider collaboration at the cutting edge of the intersection between Web3, agriculture, and autonomous robotics, already involving several major players in the industry.

From Seed to Cup

The agricultural supply chain often lacks transparency and fairness, putting farmers at a disadvantage. Farmsent uses blockchain technology to create a transparent and equitable system. With traceable coffee beans, every step of the coffee's journey—from farm to cup—is recorded on the blockchain. This guarantees transparency and accountability, allowing customers to know exactly where their coffee comes from and the conditions under which it was produced. For XMAQUINA, this aligns perfectly with our commitment to sustainability and transparency, and we're ready to redefine your coffee experience.

Farming a Better Future

Imagine starting your day with a cup of coffee, knowing that every sip supports a fairer and more sustainable world. Our partnership with Farmsent means you can enjoy premium Colombian Arabica, ethically sourced coffee while backing sustainable farming practices.

In the heart of Colombia's coffee region, Pedro Maya and his son David cultivate Arabica beans on their family farm in Fredonia, Los Frailes. Each cup of their coffee tells a story of family tradition and meticulous care.

Traceability allows the agricultural industry to track food from seed to spoon, ensuring consumers get safe, high-quality products. By tracking movement through the supply chain, everyone involved gains visibility, building trust with consumers who demand transparency in their food choices. By integrating these automated agricultural technologies into the Web3 ecosystem, we’re setting the stage for a future where everyone can benefit from advancements in agriculture. 

But the mission extends beyond coffee. Farmsent aims to build trust and confidence in the entire food supply chain, ensuring consumers have reliable information about the origin and handling of their food. Supporting small farmers, this practice gives them a platform to showcase their produce with a trackable "passport" for origin and quality. In this system, transparency wins, and we’re here to play our part in it.

Tokenization to Redefine AgTech

However, this is all just the beginning. The future of agricultural technology relies on a decentralized infrastructure. Picture a network of soil sensors scattered throughout fields and sensors monitoring the supply chain, all connected and sharing data. This is the vision we are bringing to life with Farmsent. 

At XMAQUINA, we're passionate about democratizing the era of automation, by enabling universal access to advanced technologies. Together with Farmsent, we're pioneering tokenized AgTech that promises to transform the way we know agriculture. This approach will open up new opportunities for generating annual yields, creating a more inclusive and profitable model for both farmers and consumers. But you’ll have to stay tuned for that one.


"Blockchain-enhanced AgTech is a game-changer for agriculture," says Mauricio Zolliker, co-founder of XMAQUINA. " This technology boosts transparency and efficiency, addressing global food security with data-driven solutions that increase yields and help businesses make smarter decisions. It paves the way for a more sustainable and profitable agricultural future while inviting the Web3 community to be part of the solution."

“Our partnership with XMAQUINA is a natural fit. We've solved traceability from seed to cup, but the final step – how the coffee reaches you – remains a mystery. Together, we're empowering consumers with complete bean-to-gulp transparency. This is just the beginning; our vision includes leveraging IoT and robotics throughout agriculture, from smarter farming to optimized packaging and supply chains. The future of agriculture is transparent, sustainable, and brimming with innovation – and we're growing  it together,” says Yog Shrusti, co-founder & CEO of Farmsent.