What is XMAQUINA? 

XMAQUINA is a DePIN of autonomous robots which enables people to get a share in the revenues from the services provided by these tokenized machines. XMAQUINA's robot tokenization solution enables businesses to tokenize their real-world assets and transforms these smart assets into accessible public investment opportunities, thereby supporting the scaling of any robotics venture.

How it works

  1. Businesses tokenize their robots on XMAQUINA
    The robot’s asset tokens are issued, representing a stake in the earnings of an autonomous robot or fleet.
  2. Eligibility
    To participate, users complete the KYC verification via the XMAQUINA dashboard.
    Once verified, users gain full platform access and eligibility to contribute liquidity to any active robot subsidization pool.
  3. Review investment offerings
    Before providing liquidity, users can review detailed investment overviews from the various robotics businesses. These include machine specifications, revenue share models, maintenance and warranty terms, and financial projections. This step ensures that individuals have a comprehensive understanding of each investment, including potential risks and returns, helping you make an informed decision.
  4. Liquidity contribution
    Users who provide liquidity to the pool receive asset tokens in return. These tokens signify your share in the machine's revenue. By supplying liquidity, users enable robotics firms to purchase and strategically deploy the robots into their operations, taking care of all the heavy lifting.
  5. Passive Income
    As long as you hold your asset tokens, you'll continue to earn passive income from the robot's operations.

What types of robots can be tokenized and used in the XMAQUINA network?

XMAQUINA facilitates the tokenization and deployment of a diverse array of autonomous robots suited for various industries. While our initial focus includes a robo-cafe showcased in our pilot project, the platform is versatile enough to accommodate robots used in sectors such as hospitality, service, logistics, and agriculture. This flexibility allows for broad applications across different operational environments.

How does XMAQUINA democratize the machine economy?

XMAQUINA’s mission is to defuse one of the biggest crises of the 21st century by empowering humans to earn from the very automation that is threatening traditional job security and income stability. XMAQUINA’s Machine Pools offer the global Web3 community access to APY-generating robots, which makes for an entire new class of Web3 assets underpinned by sustainable real-world business processes.

By tokenizing autonomous robot fleets, XMAQUINA allows individuals to generate passive income through the services these robots offer, democratizing access to the financial benefits of automation.

What happens if a machine in the XMAQUINA network breaks down?

To list their robots on XMAQUINA, businesses must provide warranty and maintenance coverage, details of which are included in their investment offering overview. This warranty, which may be supplied either by the robotic manufacturers or the operators, covers all necessary repairs and maintenance. These operational costs are already factored into the financial yields and offerings presented by the businesses.

In the unfortunate event of a breakdown, the manufacturer is immediately notified, and the necessary repairs are carried out under the terms of the warranty and maintenance agreement. This process is designed to minimize downtime and ensure that the machine returns to operational status as quickly as possible.

Who uses the XMAQUINA platform to tokenize robots?

The XMAQUINA platform is used by robotics firms seeking to scale their operations and entrepreneurs aiming to bootstrap their robotics businesses. This enables both established companies and new ventures to tokenize their autonomous robots, facilitating broader investment opportunities and community involvement in their growth and revenue streams.

What are the benefits of tokenizing Robot RWAs on the XMAQUINA platform for businesses?

Tokenizing robots on the XMAQUINA platform offers a significant advantage by resolving the CAPEX dilemma that many robotics firms face. Traditional capital expenditure (CAPEX) requirements involve substantial upfront investments that can inhibit growth and scalability, especially in capital-intensive industries like robotics. Through tokenization, XMAQUINA allows businesses to convert these large capital expenses into more manageable operational expenses. This method also cuts out costly intermediaries and reduces reliance on traditional, often restrictive financial tools like bonds. As a result, businesses can overcome challenges like rising interest rates and scalability barriers, enabling them to expand and innovate more effectively.

Who can invest in these robots?

XMAQUINA is designed to be accessible to a wide audience. However, potential investors may need to complete a Know Your Customer (KYC) process to comply with regulatory requirements and ensure the platform's integrity. Specific eligibility criteria, such as geographic restrictions or minimum investment thresholds, may apply depending on legal and regulatory frameworks in different jurisdictions.

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